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  1. Ebooks: Distributing and Marketing
    Are you writing an ebook? Or maybe you already have an ebook file. Where do you begin? This course is your first step on the road to publishing success as you learn about ebook trends and marketing tools; publishing requirements and options; the ins and outs of distributing ebooks; and the ebook marketing basics every author should know to launch their book effectively. Author David Wogahn covers the specifics of using, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo for distribution and presents the important pros and cons of using aggregators such as Smashwords and BookBaby. David also provides tips on selling ebooks from your website and how to take full advantage of the special services from Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world.
    Teacher: David Wogahn
    Total Time: 3h 16m
    Completed on: January 2, 2018

  2. Introduction

  3. Welcome
    Course Time: 1m 0s

  4. Using the exercise files
    Course Time: 19s

  5. Understanding Ebooks

  6. What is an ebook and how do you read one?
    Course Time: 2m 19s

  7. Getting ebook files onto devices for reading
    Course Time: 2m 52s

  8. Ebook trends and what they mean to publishers
    Course Time: 4m 50s

  9. Measurement, Tracking, and Analysis Tools for Authors and Publishers

  10. Putting the Google Adwords Keyword tool to use when publishing
    Course Time: 3m 35s

  11. How publishers use Google Alerts
    Course Time: 3m 50s

  12. Evaluating your online presence
    Course Time: 3m 52s

  13. Author rankings and book monitoring
    Course Time: 4m 48s

  14. How publishers use Google Trends
    Course Time: 3m 28s

  15. Launching Ebooks: The Basics

  16. Introduction and categorizing your addressable audience
    Course Time: 2m 41s

  17. Getting reviews
    Course Time: 9m 44s

  18. Distributing ebooks for reviews
    Course Time: 4m 10s

  19. Writing and distributing an ebook press release
    Course Time: 5m 36s

  20. Networking with authors and publishers
    Course Time: 5m 40s

  21. Using ebook marketing handouts
    Course Time: 2m 7s

  22. Ebook Launch Fundamentals: Pre-distribution Planning and Tasks

  23. Beginning with a quality file
    Course Time: 2m 35s

  24. ISBN requirements for ebooks
    Course Time: 5m 42s

  25. Securing copyright and why it’s important
    Course Time: 3m 24s

  26. Cataloging in print
    Course Time: 1m 57s

  27. Is digital rights management (DRM) and copy protection right for you?
    Course Time: 2m 20s

  28. Ebook cover formatting
    Course Time: 5m 39s

  29. Ebook royalties
    Course Time: 5m 54s

  30. The art of pricing ebooks
    Course Time: 3m 56s

  31. Preparing your metadata in advance
    Course Time: 3m 48s

  32. Direct Distribution

  33. Introduction to direction distribution
    Course Time: 1m 20s

  34. Using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for from Amazon
    Course Time: 13m 8s

  35. Using the Barnes & Noble Nook Press
    Course Time: 8m 0s

  36. Using iTunes Connect for the iBookstore
    Course Time: 12m 39s

  37. Using Kobo Writing Life
    Course Time: 5m 47s

  38. Aggregators/Third-Party Distribution Options

  39. Considerations when electing an aggregator
    Course Time: 3m 29s

  40. Evaluating commission-based aggregators and a detailed look at using Smashwords
    Course Time: 3m 33s

  41. Evaluating fee-based aggregators and a detailed look at using BookBaby
    Course Time: 4m 20s

  42. Amazon Tools for Publishers

  43. Introduction to Amazon Services
    Course Time: 5m 7s

  44. Using KDP Select
    Course Time: 8m 23s

  45. Creating an Author Central profile
    Course Time: 4m 46s

  46. Using Amazon Associates
    Course Time: 4m 29s

  47. How ebook publishers can leverage CreateSpace
    Course Time: 9m 6s

  48. Using Goodreads and Shelfari
    Course Time: 5m 35s

  49. Leveraging Your Book Investment: What Else Can You Do with Your Ebook Files?

  50. Selling directly
    Course Time: 5m 30s

  51. Tools for selling one or a few ebook titles at a time
    Course Time: 2m 26s

  52. Giving your ebook away for free: Why and how
    Course Time: 3m 5s

SANS Webcasts

  1. Meltdown and Spectre, Understanding and Mitigating the Threat
    January 4th, 2018, 11:00am to 12:00pm CST
    Duration: 56m 55s

FBI InfraGard Webinar

  1. Business Email Compromise Schemes: A National FBI InfraGard Webinar
    January 4th, 2018, 1:00pm to 2:30pm CST

Special Note: InfraGard Kansas City Members Alliance (IMA) is a non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership among U.S. businesses, individuals involved in the protection and resilience of U.S. critical infrastructures, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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