Curriculum Vitae - Experience


20+ Years of Relevant Security Experience & Education

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  1. May 6, 2016 to Present:
    CompuCom Systems, Inc.
    Managing Principal, Cyber Security Strategist
    Security Consulting Practice Leader

  2. January 2005 to May 6, 2016:
    CompuCom Systems, Inc.
    Principal Consultant, Cyber Security Strategist|
    Security Consulting Practice Leader

  3. February 2019 to Present:
    InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA)
    Corporate Secretary and Board of Directors Member

  4. June 2018 to February 2019:
    InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA)
    North Central Regional Deputy Representative

  5. December 2017 to Present:
    InfraGard Kansas City Members Alliance (IMA)
    Webmaster of InfraGard-KC.Org

  6. January 2017 to February 2019:
    InfraGard Kansas City Members Alliance (IMA)
    Board of Directors Member

  7. March 2003 to October 2004:
    DynTek, Inc.
    National Director of Security Consulting and Virtual CxO

  1. Jan 2003 to December 2004:
    Reese Web Security, Inc.
    Vice President, Florida Licensed Private Investigation Company

  1. May 2000 to December 2002:
    AimNet Solutions, Inc.
    Vice President, Chief Security Officer, and Information Security Practice Leader

  1. August 1995 to May 2000:
    Reese Web, Inc.
    Chief Executive Officer & President

  1. December 1994 to August 1995:
    The Waldec Group
    Director of Network and Advanced Network Services

  1. June 1993 to December 1994:
    Nielsen Media Research
    LAN Coordinator

  1. October 1992 to June 1993:
    McDonnell Douglas
    Senior Engineer - Technology

  1. June 1986 to October 1992:
    Halifax Corporation
    European Regional Manager

  1. January 1985 to June 1986:
    Eaton Corporation, Data Systems Services Division
    Associate Field Engineer

  1. April 1984 to January 1985:
    Enfield’s 3M Business Products
    Customer Service Representative

  1. January 1978 to January 1984:
    U. S. Navy, USS George Bancroft SSBN 643 Blue Crew
    Fire Control Technician Ballistic  Missile First Class (Submarine Service) - FTB1(SS)

Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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