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May 2000 to December 2002: AimNet Solutions, Inc.

VP, Chief Security Officer, and Information Security Practice Leader

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

As the Vice-President and Chief Security Officer, worked closely with the AimNet Executive Management Team to determine acceptable levels of security risk for the enterprise. Was responsible for developing, maintaining, and publishing company wide information security standards, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Provided technical guidance to information owners, the company's security practice, and the IT community. Directed and developed the implementation of company-wide programs for user awareness, compliance monitoring, and security compliance. Responsible for developing and maintaining the company's security architecture for both internal and external systems and networks, including those used to deliver services to clients. Partnered with experts in the security industry and security product vendors to fully understand security industry trends and direction.

Set strategic direction for security policies and security product selection for internal company use. Directed and approved the implementation of upgrades, repairs, modifications, and replacements of information security devices or software. Coordinated the activities of incident response teams and computer forensics for AimNet.

Worked closely with the CTO team to provide strategic direction and development support for new AimNet managed and professional service security offerings. Ensured that acceptable security policies, processes, and systems were in place to provide a secure environment for AimNet’s client facing Network Operations Center for managed services. This included providing requirements to the engineering and implementation guidelines used by the MNS service delivery teams.

Information Security Practice Leader

As the Information Security Practice Leader, directed the security skill competency for AimNet Solutions’ Professional Services Practice.

  1. Developed and executed against AimNet revenue, cost, and team utilization objectives;

  2. Delivered client engagements on security and IP related technologies;

  3. Established world class skill competencies and best practices for AimNet’s Information Security Practice;

  4. Developed and executed against staffing plans, its associated training, and established career plans for practice members to achieve AimNet’s service and business objectives;

  5. Partnered with the Chief Technology Officer’s Offer Planning Team to identify and develop new strategic initiatives, offers, and investments in security technologies and service offerings;

  6. and Ensured knowledge transfer from the Information Security Professional Security Practice to the Managed Services Delivery teams to support AimNet’s managed security offers.

Lead the most strategic and complex security professional services engagements for AimNet Solutions. Interfaced with the CIO, CTO, and leading security experts of AimNet's customers to develop, close, and deliver professional service consulting engagements. In addition, supported writing and speaking engagements for leading industry publications and trade shows.

Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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