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August 1995 to May 2000: Reese Web, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer & President

As CEO and President, set strategic direction for Reese Web.

At a time when the security industry was just beginning to develop, focused the company’s resources on select groups of leading security industry vendors. Worked closely with these security vendors to develop solid security solutions. Chairman of Raptor Systems’ and Axent Technologies’ Technical Advisory Committees on product development. Spearheaded with Raptor Systems the development of the industries first Windows-NT firewall system one full year before any other vendor. Helped many other vendors develop products that provided content and log analysis, penetration and auditing tools, intrusion detection, and much more.

Secured a Florida (SNAPS) State Negotiated Price Schedule Agreement during his first year of business. This allowed Reese Web to implement security for all fifteen state agencies throughout the state of Florida. Developed a solid reputation in the government and grew a large list of repeat customer relationships, such as: Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Department of Corrections, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Attorney Generals Office, the Governor’s Office, Florida Legislature, Circuit Courts, Sheriff Offices, Police, School Districts, County and City Governments. The SNAPS agreement is limited to a two year term; however, because of the level of service and expertise provided by Reese Web the agreement was extended for the first time in history for an additional two years.

Provided security services to several military organizations and federal agencies. The list of 800+ commercial customers blanketed the nation from coast to coast.

Axent Technologies recognized Reese Web as their #1 Systems Integrator in the State of Florida and their Elite Security Partner.

Positive financial growth and reputation brought opportunity in May, 2000, Reese Web merged with AimNet Solutions.

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Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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