Curriculum Vitae - Education 1992


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American Institute for Computer Science (AICS)

2101 Magnolia Avenue South Suite 200
Birmingham, Alabama 35205

Graduation Date: 02 February 1992
Degree Granted: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Grade Point Average: 4.0 (4.0)

  1. CS 100 Introduction to Computers & Information Processing

  2. CS 101 Computer Programming Using Pascal

  3. CS 201 Data File Processing

  4. CS 202 Programming Languages

  5. CS 301 Data Structures

  6. CS 302 Concepts of "C" Programming Language

  7. CS 401 Concepts of Operating Systems

NOTE: AICS is no longer in business. University directories (Click to See) now take you to International Computer Science Institute.

Novell Certifications

  1. CNE - Novell Certified Netware Engineer, 1992

Special Forces Operations Command

  1. SOCRATES training, USSOCOM - U.S. Special Operations Command - (J-2),1992

Carnegie Mellon University

  1. Software Engineering Level-3 Process Training, Software Engineering Group,1992

American Research Group

  1. Internetworking in Multiprotocol Networks, American Research Group, Inc.,1992

  2. Hands-on Internetworking Unix Course, American Research Group, Inc.,1992

ProAct Technology

  1. ProAct Technology Symposium on Network Management Systems,
    Intellectual Systems, Inc.,1992

Florida Marketing International

  1. Macintosh System 7.0 Basics CBT & Video Courses,
    Florida Marketing International, Inc.,1992

  2. Macintosh System 7.0 Advanced Concepts Video Course,
    Florida Marketing International, Inc.,1992

  3. MacProject II Video Course, Florida Marketing International, Inc.,1992

  4. PowerPoint Video Course, Florida Marketing International, Inc.,1992

Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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