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SOCRATES-JDISS: Team member of the SOCOM test bed responsible for the design and implementation of Sun UNIX systems that complied with the AF-CSE, JDISS, and DoDIIS reference models. These SUN based workstations and servers were networked with an IBM 3090, several DEC VAX's, and Novell Servers. The network consisted of 35 Sun servers and 400 Sun workstations at 35 sites worldwide.

SOCRATES Network: As a team member of the SOCOM test bed responsible for the designing a network topology to support a large client/server environment. The network was designed to carry images, audio, video, and animation. Conducted research on fiber ethernet, FDDI, and ATM technologies.

MOSAIC Proposal: Worked with the Chief Scientist of McDonnell Douglas, Intelligence Support Systems, and other McDonnell Douglas team members to design a UNIX based multimedia system proposal that would be compliant with the AF-CSE, JDISS, and DoDIIS reference models. As leader of a 10 person technical writing team, wrote McDonnell Douglas's technical proposal to develop the MOSAIC rapid prototype at RomeLabs with MIT and JNIDS.

Netware NFS: As a team member of the SOCOM test bed, evaluated and integrated Novell Netware NFS and NFS Gateway into a Novell network. Provided UNIX systems access to DOS user data files, access to netware print queues and x-console access to netware server consoles.

Continuously tasked with evaluations and installation of third party products such as: MTS, SoftPC, Univel, PC-NFS, Synergy II, DCW, VPFVIEW, ELT2, ENVOY, FULCRUM, SOCIDS, MAXI, DIDTDS, DIDHS, CAWS, DAWS, OMNI-Ware, Windows NT, Univel and many more.


Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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McDonnell Douglas                        MacDill AFB, FL

  1. Member of a research team in the Special Operations Command HQ-J2 test lab

  2. Maintained a Top Secret (SBI, w/SCI) Military Security Clearance

Senior Engineer – Technology                                October 1992 – June 1993