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5/94 - 12/94, Managed the Network Management & Internet Services Group

Was responsible for Nielsen's network management and Internet services. Founded and co-led Nielsen's Network Architecture Committee (NAC). This committee focused on the architecture of Nielsen's network topology, its security, and helped to solve network infrastructure problems.

Provided technical presentations and training to Nielsen personnel, with training consisting of NetManage Chameleon, SNMP, DNS, TCP/IP, HP-OpenView, network architecture, network analysis and Internet services.

Built an Integrated Network and Systems Management (INSM) platform using HP-OpenView. Implemented, installed, configured, and scripted Network Node Manager, HP Probe Manager, Ungermann Bass NetDirector, HP Node Manager for Netware (ServerView & StationView), HP-EASE, HP-NetMetrix, TelAlert and Nerve Center. Created custom Nielsen MIB objects, network maps, as well as custom Perl event notification scripts.

Conducted extensive research on ISDN technology. Including its associated implementations for telecommuting, video conferencing, and white boarding.

  1. Attended GTE Technology Solutions Center all day training on ISDN.

  2. Completed AT&T videotape, CBT, and textbook course on Introduction to ISDN.

  3. Conducted extensive on-going research on ISDN products and implementations.

Conducted research on network Firewall technologies and coordinated Nielsen's corporate Internet connectivity. Chaired corporate security committees on risk analysis and security solution implementation. Co-authored policies and needs for installing an Internet connection and Firewall at the Dunedin facility. Provided technical support to remote corporate Internet firewall system administrators in Bannockburn, IL.

Attended several Dun & Bradstreet Electronic Commerce Committee meetings. Conducted extensive research on electronic commerce systems and their technology.

Provided technical support to the UNIX Systems Administration & Support Group and the Novell Systems Administration & Support Group.

3/94 - 5/94, Managed the EDI & Network Group:

Managed Internet services, network management, domain name services, enterprise-wide electronic mail, electronic data interchange, and special UNIX and MS-Windows projects.

Conducted extensive researched on Internet (Security) Firewall system architectures and implementations, including the securing of proxy and WWW servers.

Designed and implemented a HP-OpenView system for enterprise-wide network management.

Held management responsibility for Domain Name Services (DNS). Implemented new policies for database administration and IP address assignments. Integrated the tracking of NetManage Chameleon, X-Session, and Newt serial numbers and key codes into the DNS database.

Directly managed consultants who designed and implemented the enterprise-wide MS-Mail messaging system. Enterprise mail consisted of PROFS & SNADS, X.400, All-In-One, CC:Mail, Lotus-Notes Mail, MS-Mail, Duns-Mail, and SMTP. Followed corporate direction for an enterprise-wide MS-Mail solution. The implementation included a migration path using SoftSwitch and designing MS-Mail post offices around Nielsen's organization structure.

EDI became a new Dun & Bradstreet corporate initiative, coordinated the implementation of a corporate time-card entry and labor distribution EDI application.

Managed or coordinated several special system and communication design projects.

6/93 - 3/94, Managed the UNIX Systems Administration & Support Group:

Was responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of UNIX systems for migrating Nielsen's mainframe applications to the client server environment. This included designing, ordering, implementing, tuning, and administrating large UNIX systems such as Sun SPARCcenter 2000's & 1000's with massive database storage capacities.

Chaired technical meetings providing advice to systems and application developers on system tuning and performance issues. Consulted with technical experts in areas of Sybase, SunOS, and Solaris for definitive advice in areas beyond my group’s expertise.

Successfully integrated (Beta) SunPC and WABI into the Sun UNIX environment. Integrated the IPX protocol so SunPC could access Novell servers. Installed and configured Novell NFS so WABI could access Novell servers.

Managed the integration of Nielsen's Executive Information System into the network. Integrated multi-platform systems into a multi-protocol, multi-media network. Integrated workstations and servers with multiple communication protocol stacks, with protocols like: NetBeui, IPX, Decnet, SNA, and IP.

Provided technical support to the Novell Systems Administration and Support Group as well as the Communication Administration and Support Group.

Security committee chairman and key technical advisor, led the network security committee in defining security policies and procedures. Conducted researched on firewalls for securing Nielsen's network from Internet security risk.

Was a member of the special turnkey system (FASTRAK) installation team. Installed turnkey systems at remote customer sites. Installed applications on non-standard customer machines, integrated applications into clients network. Setup remote SLIP & PPP communications.


Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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Nielsen Media Research                          Eden, FL

  1. Managed and maintained systems and tech-teams for three groups (Network Management & Internet Services, EDI & Network, and UNIX Systems Administration & Support) for a 90,000+ global user environment

  2. Performed extensive requirements analysis, development, and implementation work around advanced technologies in Internet and system security, multi-protocol network management, multiple email vendor platforms solutions and operating systems (from desktop/laptop, vast list of state-of-the-arts server technology, multiple mainframe vendors)

LAN Coordinator                                            June 1993 – December 1994