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Enlisted for the Navy's Poseidon Advanced Electronics Program, a 6-year obligation. This program allowed qualification for only one of three career opportunities. Based upon one’s class standing upon graduation from the Poseidon Advanced Electronics School in Damneck, Virginia, the students with the highest grade point averages got first pick of available rating billets, specifically: Fire Control Technician Ballistic Missile (FTB), Electronics Technician (ET), or Missile Technician (MT). With the Navy allowing only 3 students out of 32 potential candidates in my class to apply for the prestigious FTB "C" School, my class standing allowed me to obtain one of the coveted appointments. Accelerated rank and career development became assured by superior testing scores, demonstrated technical skills through rate qualifications, and actual on the job performance. Quickly promoted to the responsible senior rank of E-6 in less than five years. FTB accomplishments included over 3200 hours of formal advanced electronics classroom training.

Assigned to the USS George Bancroft, SSBN-643, Ballistic Missile Submarine (Boomer) - Blue Crew. Ballistic missile submarine duty required 3 month underwater cruises beyond the detection of other vessels (surface and underwater) combined with rigorous qualifications in submarine operation and construction. This qualification normally takes one and a half years to complete. First crew member on ship to complete submarine qualification requirements in 28 days, a record qualification time for any 640 Class Ballistic Missile Submarine. Additional qualification programs are required for various duties and watch stations aboard submarines. Completed all weapon systems qualifications in the missile control center and missile compartment, as well as, the below decks watch, sonar operator, topside petty officer, and nuclear weapons security officer to name just a few. Earned top qualification spot as Missile Control Center (MCC) Countdown Supervisor, led a seven man MCC team in the launch of a Trident Ballistic Missile System. Actually launched a Trident C-4 DASO Missile as the Missile Control Center (MCC)Countdown Supervisor.


Andrew R. Reese

Mobile: (717) 395-3063

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U.S. Navy                             Submarine SSBN-643

  1. Led a seven man team in launch operations of a Nuclear Trident Ballistic Missile System

  2. Maintained a Top Secret (SBI, w/SCI) Military Security Clearance

E-6 Fire Control Technician Ballistic Missile, FTB1(SS)  January 1978 – January 1984